Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Developing and managing mobile applications which focus on VR and 360° content has been and always will be a passion of ours. These experiences definitely require a wide audience in order to maximize its effects. Therefore, producing such apps and releasing them with custom branding, innovative and responsive user interfaces and channeling these to the general population through VR cardboards allows full control over any content.

Providing broad access to high quality visual content via mobile applications is simply a must nowadays, especially since marketing platforms and trends push towards digitalization in such a pace that has never been seen before. We are dedicated to create apps which offer the best solutions for capturing the world with various goals in mind and also to showcase your content on every available device.

What do we offer in a nutshell?

◦ unique built and custom branding

◦ Ui/UX design for VR, 360 and every available content type

◦ 24/7 costumer care and support

◦ cloud services

◦ all apps are designed for iOS and Android